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The average time for the entire process of finalizing a new agreement can take 2 - 4 months, but may take longer.

This timeframe should be considered when deciding when to request a new agreement for future semesters.

If you walk-in or express mail your documents: Documents received before noon are filed by noon the next business day Documents received after noon are filed by noon on the second business day Mailed documents are filed in 3-5 business days The appointment of the Indiana registered agent ends on the thirty-first day after the date when the statement of resignation was filed.

You can file the resignation of agent with the Indiana Secretary of State.

Initiated - The agency has been contacted and the agreement is currently being reviewed by the agency.

Up for Renewal - agreement is current - ready for use, but is up for renewal To use a facility for clinical, please contact the agency in advance of the beginning of the course.

Many agencies request at least a month's notice in order to properly prepare for clinical situations.

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