Advice for white girl dating asian guy

Women desire a powerful man, one who isn’t afraid to act on his instincts and live to his true potential.

Here are some of the estimates (there weren’t enough data to do all the interracial permutations) of how much each extra income a man would need to be equally appealing to a woman as would a man of her own race: For equal success with a white woman, an African-American needs to earn an additional 4,000; a Hispanic man needs ,000; an Asian needs 7,000. This can be done by becoming a big-shot lawyer, doctor, or banker, but you probably won’t start pulling white women until age 30 or later.

It’s when an Asian man takes more risks, becomes more dominant, learns to socialize, and overall takes a more active role in his life when he becomes more attractive to all women.

It’s more powerful when Asian men develop alpha attributes.

While being born Asian may have a significant impact on who you are, learning to take the positives of being Asian can benefit you in the dating game. Asian men seem to have more baggage when it comes to dating white women so it’s only when an Asian man gets rid of limiting beliefs and adopts healthier beliefs that he attracts an abundance of beautiful women.

Apart from being a sexier and confident man, many white women agree that hapa (mixed with Asian descent) babies are extremely cute.

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