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    Tinder has also come under fire for being a place to "hook up” rather than a space to meet long-term partners.

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    Going the distance is unlikely, perhaps because the partners don't have enough similarities, like life experience and shared cultural references. You skip sex whenever you don't feel like having it. But if you're never in the mood, there may be a simple fix. According to a study published in, participants with a stronger motivation to respond to a partner's needs reported higher levels of daily desire during the 21-day period, themselves—and that held four months later. A small 2013 Brigham Young University study found that couples who argue about their problems, apologize to each other or make big decisions via text message tend to be less happy in their relationship than those who tackle issues in person. The researchers did, however, find expressing affection over text improved the relationship—so go ahead and drop him that "Love you" text with a bunch of smiley faces.8. Arguing early in your relationship might not mean you're doomed. A 2012 Florida State University study found that having "angry but honest" conversations with your partner early in a serious relationship can lead to better communication and more happiness down the road.