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Het maakt niet uit of je op zoek bent naar oma seks, vreemdgaan of swingen, want tussen de vele duizenden leden die telt, zitten altijd leden met dezelfde gevoelens en fantasieën als jij.

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Mice twitch their noses at potential mates, colorful peacocks strut around for admiring peahens, and pigeons puff their chests to look buff.

As much as we have moved on from mice and feathers, we do much of the same, for the exact same reasons.

De profielen op deze chatdienst zijn deels fictief, fysieke afspraken met deze fictieve profielen zijn niet mogelijk.

Dit alles kan in een groep of privé in een afgeschermde kamer.

Perhaps most importantly, these signals show that you’re not intending to dominate or flee. Moves Have Messages By studying humans in their natural courting habitat (usually bars), scientists have been able to document the movements we make when we’re interested in someone else. A woman smiles, raises her eyebrows, opens her eyes wide, holds a gaze, fidgets with her hair, lowers and tilts her head, and laughs.

A man might jut out his chin, try to make his chest appear as large as possible, unconsciously flex an arm, laugh aloud, and smile. By comparing our actions with those of animals, it becomes clear that moves have messages.

Though cheesy pick-up lines abound, a lot is conveyed even before words are uttered.

A prolonged gaze or arched eyebrow gives clues to the person across the bar that you’re interested without having to explicitly ask about his/her sign.

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