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If you must get this headset I really do recommend going with the care plan because it is terribly designed and broke after 3 months of use.

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First picture is the right speaker still in proper form unbroken with the second picture being of the now broken left speaker. I was merely taking the headset off and the left speaker broke off from the headset as I was taking the headset off.

I suppose that the headset being designed to squeeze the speakers into your ears and sit comfortably on your head, pulling the speakers away from your ears stresses the entire headband.

He added that within the Play Station 4 system is a way of setting up parental controls that bans certain people using the console from accessing any user-generated content, such as online messages or video streams.

You can't tell based on the pictures provided by Walmart but the speakers are secured to the headband by two tiny pieces of plastic, so after realizing this it is not surprising that those pieces of plastic can easily break leaving the speaker connected to the headset by only its cord.

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