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-IT P^18 The Quizicy Historic Quincy's Hometown Week Jij Newspapt^r ^ince VD I VOL.43 No. Sttmd^'t enat will take plice at ENCs Cove Fine Arts Center, Admissiast for the day li,ar$Sp«ahoww Hk w uih l tope inolitded in the ikket price. Proceeds will benefit directly the 3j OOO to 4^ iodividiial B and funilies served each year by FBMS.

**f Ua is all about hdping families and those around us, our nei^bois in need, who are safbrint" s*id Interfaith's macutivc direc- tor Rick Doaaa.

Si DCa 2008 i DMfidlh's food pantry has gone from serv- ing 10^000 people a year to over 16.000 in 2010. GMflte Foag, Aaqr FREE Over-The-Phone HOME EVALUATION! D.#1002 On-Line Internet Home Evaluation Quincy Whati My Hoiiie Wortlkco Di JOAN'S OLYMPIC GYM GYMNASn CS K DMKl SCHOOL WAS VOIED * I ON THE SOUTH &HOM NOW ACCEPTING RBGim ASKm S!

"We are on track for anodier reconftog setting year." said Erking akae. X 781-843-9624 1 97 ddi- tiooal fuadt fot the team's Jlinm f Hd of ra Uiv a qoarter of a million dollars "*We had three members latt year and now wc have 37 menri ND." taid Wal- dhn b M mo Blh, **ao fiten CHUCKLE) aboold be big ger attd bel Hf Ait year.

To attend (he sentoa, call the Council cm Agia(tt 617-376-1506. J JE LTCOLSOn ^■■■K Fine Jewelry 795 HANCOCK ST., (l«niod[«CHv S».)617-7a8-7M2 Mammmnmmmm emmi m - Handk MDped Accessible - SOCIAL CENTER SONS OF ITALY Social Center 120 Quany Stieei, Quiacy Ca V about ourl Mtotfdbto If ytiu » nultl like lit \t'c your ad fu n plane aill f of people can do ina neigh- borhood to create a place vt beauty and serenity. Place in the pan widi d HOOGta Bitinilkand cook , Then add the fiesh aspangusspean (cut off the steins) and cook until asparagus arc par cooked . endded The Ollwr Side of the Revohiik Mi: ntah Mne's Loyalists," Led by Rev, Clifford Browo, Rita Cavooious and Diane Oroodon of Christ rhiirch ^nil Ed Fitzgerald of the Quincy Historical So- ciety, the tour will coad Mne viats to the present church bu Uding.

1 small can pineapple chunks In a large pan, heat the coctxiut milk and Ae w«er and dw bnwa ngv. la a small amount of water, place the chicken breast and cook until done. Add the cany past e and the red p^per flak— he Kesp tfa DUBciiif ttd ^hfp itt iho lu C od BUCSt Add the fresh basil and the pine^iple chunks In asepai We serviag bowls, place dw doe ofldieboiit Ma wdihacocoaat HMi Biili Uiaa over the top. the 172S Old Churchyard when many loyalists, patriots and slaves are buried, and the sites of Bracketl's Tavern and the Liberty Ttee.

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