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The black ink gleams in the warm glow of the restaurant’s low lights. “And at one, someone said, ‘What are we gonna do when the stock price hits 0? One person said they’d shave their head, or paint their hair blue, or get a mohawk, or something. And then by the time they come around to me, it was already at tattoo level.

“So, I really want to extend it,” he says with a glint in his eye, gesturing along the length of his arm. So I said, ‘Yeah all right, I’ll get a tattoo.’ And then the stock price hit 0.” He pauses and grimaces a little, remembering.

Nvidia’s early employees moved into an office in Sunnyvale, Calif., by the Lawrence Expressway. “The Wells Fargo bank that shared our parking lot got robbed two or three times.” Nvidia’s first product, a multimedia card for personal computers called NV1, arrived in 1995 at a time when three-dimensional games began to gain traction.

The card didn’t sell well, but the company kept tinkering with its technology over four more releases, gaining sales—and traction vs. “We knew that in order for us to scale as a company, we had to provide more value than just a replaceable component in a PC,” says Fisher.

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No, Nvidia makes the muscular mystery stuff that powers all of it.

“IBM dominated in the 1950s with the mainframe computer, Digital Equipment Corp.

Nvidia’s share price, just two years ago hovering around , was recently over 0.

Its market capitalization, at about 0 billion, is approaching that of IBM (ibm) and Mc Donald’s (mcd).

Huang walked away from the meal with enough conviction to leave his position at LSI.

“We believed this model of computing could solve problems that general-purpose computing fundamentally couldn’t,” Huang says.

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