Accommodating students with cerebral palsy japanese dating sims for guys

People with this type of cerebral palsy may have slow, writhing movements of the hands, arms, feet, or legs while some have sudden muscle spasms.

People with ataxic cerebral palsy have difficulties with balance and fine movement.

Some children with CP are ambulatory, while others are wheelchair bound.

If a child has been diagnosed with CP by age 3, then a referral should be made to the Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE).

Students with CP, however, may need a little more time to travel between classes and complete activities and tasks.

If a child is in need of using a wheelchair, then a 1:1 aide will most likely be needed. Thus, they need access to the same curriculum as their nondisabled peers.

The aide should encourage as much independence as feasible, but be ready to assist when needed. However, worksheets, test forms, project guidelines, etc. Science lab equipment may need to be adapted for the child to safely conduct an experiment.

Make sure your classroom is easy to get around and free of obstacles.

Students with CP may need to miss class time for doctor visits or to see the school nurse to take medication.

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