Accomadating company joel edgerton dating

Low set-up costs are assured because any recent-vintage IBM-compatible PC or Apple Macintosh can house, with little or no modification, virtually any adaptive technology.The reasonable cost of accessibility aids is also attributable to the fact that many — perhaps most — do not involve high technology at all.Accommodated employees can participate fully in the culture of the workplace and take advantage of opportunities for personal and career development — activities that benefit the company.

Solution: Buy an adjustable, wire-frame book holder at an office supply store.Cost: Problem: A laboratory technician who is deaf cannot hear the buzz of a timer that signals the end of an experiment. Cost: Problem: An employer wants to make an elevator accessible to a new employee who is blind.Solution: Apply adhesive-backed Brailled labels on all elevator control panels.Accommodations are investments that facilitate business activity and boost productivity.Like desks, computers and telephones, accommodations give a qualified person the means to succeed. Long-term productivity gains can easily offset the initial cost of an accommodation.

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