8 simple rules for dating my teenage daughter episode 1

Kerry decides to enter an art contest, but is devastated when she's rejected.

Paul goes to find out why and one of the judges says that while Kerry is very talented, her artwork was not suitable for the contest.

At the same time Bridget, and Kerry find it amusing to convince Rory that he's adopted while taking more advantage of their parents.

Paul's plan backfires when, after telling Bridget to tell Kyle the truth about her date with another boy, Kyle breaks up with her.

Paul and Cate say that Bridget can pay them back for the credit card at a slow pace.

(That part was included as the last clip in a montage of John Ritter at the end of his last episode.)A sports-struck Paul lets Bridget do whatever she wants when she breaks up with Kyle and begins dating high school basketball wonder Travis "The Rainman" Smith, whose father just happens to be Michigan baseball legend Steve "Canned Heat" Smith.Rory, who gives up tattling, is the first to go, then Cate (coffee), and Bridget (telephone), leaving it down to just Paul (the television remote) and Kerry (sarcasm).To try to get her to break, Paul treats Kerry to dinner at a 50s-style diner, but during the meal he begins to worry that his daughter's constant sarcasm is hiding a deeper sadness.Ohio State (it's Michigan fans Easter holiday according to him).Cate leaves for the day for a nursing seminar because she's interested in possibly getting her Master's degree, leaving Paul in charge of the kids.

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