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Michael writes a story for class titled "The Angry Family" which includes many family members who fight and yell at each other.

Concerned about Michael's family life, his teacher and Father Hubley have a conference with all the Barones, all of whom blame each other for the disharmony.

Meanwhile, Frank is also oblivious with the meaning of the sculpture, and tries to find out what it resembles.

Notes: In 2005, TV Land included this episode as part of its "100 Most Unexpected Moments in TV History", ranking it #62.

In a motel during a road trip with Robert, Ray takes off his wedding ring because he likes to spin it.

When Robert tries spinning it, it falls into a vent.

Robert pretends to be Ray in order to hook up with a girl, Natasha. When Natasha visits Ray's house to donate clothes for the police drive, thinking he is Robert, confusion arises and everything comes out in the open, causing her to break up with Robert.

When Ray says that "He only wanted someone different", it upsets Lois and makes Debra and Marie mad.Because of the series timeslot and the content of the episode, it's not repeated in an early morning timeslot on Channel 4 in the UK.In 2009, TV Guide ranked this episode #42 on its list of the 100 Greatest Episodes.When Ray and Debra try to hide it, Marie is offended and decides to donate it to the church auction.The nuns who come to pick it up make Marie realize what the sculpture resembles.

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