30 year old woman dating 21 year old guy

I cannot possibly understand what a 21 year old could do spiritually, intellectually or otherwise (other than maybe physically).

Is the term "dating" now just the new word people use to justify their wish for sex and a short term relationship that bears absolutely nothing but pain in the end anyway? Well that's great for you.that works fine..i can't say i approve of it but whatever it's your life.relationships..i agree are meant to look for the right person.if it doesn't work out fine.relationships these days tend to be just an excuse..least at the age of 20 and under..i don't go into relationships that have no chance of surviving..

However with that being said, while maturity level is as not always related to age, there can be some 'common generalities' associated with 'typical' age-groups.

Open communication, expectations, and honesty are all very important ingredients to whether a relationship has a chance.

I wouldn't think much of a couple aging 36 and 46, but a 21-year old (especially a guy... Regardless of even his opinion, I would not take his youth and time to grow away from him... I thought guys in their 20's were "immature" according to women ( I guess it''s different when SEX is involved) Most of those situations don't last cause when that 21year old sees a nice 18-22 year old walks by (especially if he's in college) it's curtains for the that older woman!

he needs to embrace his youth, its trials and tribulations; not to mention college and career choices... People need to experience as much of the menu life has to offer before they know what their favorite meal is... NO way I would date a 21 year old no matter how mature she "claims" to be. I put up with their relationship...could have so chosen someone more mature...

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