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She maintained her curly hair to normal through different treatment techniques.

Her career got twisted as she worked a decade from 1997-2007 in news station called WFLD-TV based in Chicago.However, this also makes it an ideal place to find California casting calls in L. A., San Fran, Burbank, San Diego or other places for different television shows, commercials, and even popular movie auditions that you can try out for. As I "oohed" and "aahhed" at the story, Paul paused and said, "Wait a minute. His name is Matt Hadro." He shared a few more details about this mysterious Matt, and I remembered to file away the name into memory. About a year later, as I was more settled into my home-away-from-Florida, my roommate Bonnie one day shared with me, "Catherine, my old classmate Matt from Christendom College is about to start working at Catholic News Agency. He is a great guy and I've always thought I could see you two together." She continued on about this man, when all of a sudden it clicked - it was the same Matt my colleague had previously told me about. He Said (Matt's Perspective)Well, I thought it was a bummer that Catherine and I worked together, because I would have asked her out on a date but I had a policy of not dating where I worked. We saw each other every now and again outside of work, and our conversations were always great.When Matt's first day in the office came by, I had to pretend as if I hadn't Internet-stalked him (c'mon, you would have done the same) and that I didn't know who he was. He wasn't asking me out, no matter how many smiles and how many "So, how was your weekend? I prefer the subtle flirting strategy, but it didn't seem to be working to my advantage in this case. About a year later, my crush on Matt resurfaced and the prospect of dating him seemed to look more and more realistic until one day he did ask me out for drinks. A mutual friend of ours suggested to me a couple of times that I ask her out, but I shrugged it off because I thought he was trying to just pair a bunch of office couples.

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