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Some distance from the wing, we encountered wreckage from the forward section of the B-29 that contained the lower part of the forward gun turret, a cylindrical tube with the gun barrels buried in the sediment, and the flight engineer's control panel with many gauges.

While searching for possible multibeam sonar targets, D2 came across several areas of debris from the crash and we discovered the nearly intact horizontal stabilizer from the B-29's tail.

This dive documented the highest biodiversity and general abundance of fauna of any of the other sites visited during this cruise.

The seafloor was covered with thin sediment and large boulders covered with heavy manganese crusts.

Cnidarians were rare, but one very large bamboo coral for this depth and part of the ocean was seen and collected.Until then, check our website for videos, images, and web logs sharing some of our favorite moments of the mission.discovers a B-29 Superfortress aircraft resting upsidedown on the seafloor.All of the wreckage and debris seems to represent one aircraft, although portions of the forward and aft sections of the fuselage were not found.Today's discovery represents an important symbol of America’s final push to end the war, an historically significant time in U. history, and is of interest to multiple management groups as well as several universities and foundations working to identify crash sites for the families of lost servicemen.

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