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Browse profiles of Member singles that have joined Fuck Buddy Brisbane that are associated with Sex.Meeting other members that have similar interests is a pefect way to find things to do on a first date. It doesn't need to be a big story by any means - it could be a bit of slice-of-life between missions, even - but I'd like to see more of that family dynamic with Jenny.Can Henry Bendix, in all his psycho glory, still have been a part of this universe?Just about anything with Vector in general would be cool, either in the present or in his history before his Joining.Headless Horseman (1999) I'm fascinated by the idea of Ichabod and the Horseman interacting, but I'm also just intrigued in general by the supernatural potential between them. Apollo (The Authority), Midnighter (The Authority) This could be anything you like, really - smut or gen; a tag to a story arc, or a whole new adventure; set in their early days, or mid-2000s, or after World's End (I'll admit I've been reading a lot of that arc recently, and would be fascinated to see them taking part in rebuilding the planet and maybe getting Jenny Quantum back, helping Gaia Rothstein, rubbing along with the other superheroes who stayed behind).I thought the last issue, though, had almost figured out how to make it work, and it certainly had an interesting spin on Jenny Quantum.

I especially love Spite, the carnival, the Flit, the Forgotten Quarter; experiences with prisoner's honey or gaoler's honey, the sulky bat (you can’t actually do anything with one, but I think “where are my sodding crickets? I’d prefer nothing really sexually explicit, but this seems like the sort of thing that would naturally start happening); the Correspondence, the Starveling Cat, any of the Masters, seeking Mr Eaten's Name (I really, really loved the bit where you have to collect "weeping scars"), fun stuff with dreams (insanity-producing nightmares or the actual recurring dreams), the Cave of the Nadir.

However, if you’re not familiar with either of those fandoms or you’d rather not write a crossover, anything plot-related that captures the flavor of the show or vignettes of life on the Satellite of Love outside the movie theater would be awesome. Particularly great if it involves ladies being awesome, what player companions do when we don't have them summoned (especially if it involves hanging out with each other--I've met all the companions for the Imperial Agent, I have everyone through Ashara for the Inquisitor, and I just acquired Pierce for the Warrior), cosmic-horror-type stuff like some of what we get in the Tatooine side mission "What Czerka Found." It also occurred to me recently that an asexual Vector could be really interesting, maybe as something that came with his Joining but that he’s fully accepted the way he has the rest of the changes that happened to him.

Maybe a romance between an ace Vector and a gray-A agent, who’s willing to use sex to get her job done but doesn’t care a whole lot about it otherwise?

Maybe Scorpius has heard about a new torture technique from a certain Pearl Forrester and he figures he hasn’t had much luck breaking John’s mind with anything else, so what the hell, he’ll try forced viewings of terrible movies.

A Doctor Who crossover could also be fun; I’m sure there’s room for the TARDIS to land on the SOL, the Doctor and any companion would also be good at riffing awful movies, and the planet-destruction subplot with Mike Nelson naturally made me think of the Doctor (Nine or Ten, probably). I’ve only finished the Imperial Agent storyline, and I think I’ve gotten 2/3 of way through the Sith Warrior (just got to Taris) and a bit further with the Inquisitor (just got to Hoth), so I guess be careful of major spoilers outside of that, but anything that works with the game's worldbuilding and/or side characters would be fantastic.

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