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In a 2001 study of British prostitutes, Stephanie Church of Glasgow University found that those working outdoors "were younger, involved in prostitution at an earlier age, reported more illegal drug use, and experienced significantly more violence from their clients than those working indoors." When it comes to the sex trade, police officers have in recent decades functioned as quasi-social workers.Peter Moskos's recent book, "Cop in the Hood: My Year Policing Baltimore's Eastern District," describes how police often play counselor to sex workers, drug dealers and a host of other illegal moneymakers.In addition, the online trade has helped bring the sex business indoors, with johns and prostitutes increasingly meeting up in bars, in hotels, in their own homes or in apartments rented by groups of sex workers.All this doesn't mean a john can't get what he's looking for in the park, but he had better be prepared to search awhile.There are many reasons why people may feel suicidal. There are many feelings that one may experience such us sadness, depression, loneliness, heartache, bleakness, and helplessness.If you have known someone who carried out suicide this may also have an impact on how you feel about suicide.

Last weekend, Craigslist, the popular provider of Internet classified advertising, halted publication of its "adult services" section.Instead of arresting an abused sex worker, police officers will usually let her off with a warning and turn their attention to finding her abusive client.Unfortunately, officers say it is becoming more difficult to help such women; as they move indoors, it is simply more difficult to locate them.Among these women, Bernstein's research suggests, prostitution is viewed as a part-time job, one that grants autonomy and flexibility.These women have little in common with the shrinking number of sex workers who still work on the streets.

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